Australia’s most rapidly growing network for Osteopaths in sport.

Aiming to enhance the representation of Osteopaths in Australian and international sport.


Collaborating with the best in allied health, sports medicine, athlete management and sport performance.

Training, Workshops & Webinars

Education delivered by highly skilled and experienced professionals, sharing knowledge and enhancing practical skill.

Ongoing Support

Access to support, jobs and member forums. Discussing, supporting and sharing ideas whilst promoting opportunities in sport.

Networking & Events

Enhancing the opportunities for professionals and students to connect with others around the world and to grow their own networks.


What's The Network All About?

A training, education and networking platform for osteopaths, aiming to enhance the representation and involvement of osteopaths in Australian sport. To increase the skills, knowledge and confidence required to work directly with athletes or within Australian sporting teams, clubs and organisations. To improve sport networking opportunities, relationships and professional development amongst the osteopathic profession.

Osteo Sports Network FAQ’s

Osteo Sports Network was founded in 2018 by one of Osteopathy Australia’s first Advanced Sports Practitioners, Louise Bibby (Sports Osteopath) with the sole purpose to create a dedicated arena for osteopaths interested in sport and inspire others to be involved. 

Realising that osteopaths lacked opportunities in sport unlike some other allied health professions, Louise felt a strong desire to contribute to a powerful movement of enhancing osteopathic representation in sport, on and off the field.

Members of OSN have a special interest in working with athletes, have a commitment to further development, and promote best practice principles in the management of athletes in an evidence informed manner through science, sports medicine and research.

OSN continues to develop and enhance relationships with the very best professionals in sport, athlete management, performance and sports medicine. A team environment ensures best sports management practice.

Providing Support To

Find a Sports Osteopath

Osteo Sports Network has the ability to connect athletes, clubs, organisations, event organisers, and general individuals with the professional best suited to service their needs. Contact OSN directly, or Check Out OSN's Advanced Sports Osteopaths.

All osteopaths that are members of Osteopathy Australia, including those with Advanced Practice Recognition, can also be found using OA's "Find an Osteo" search database.

Let's Connect! 

 We have a Facebook arena dedicated to sports minded osteopaths and professionals.


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